Red-Footed Tortoise

Taxonomic Name: Chelonoidis carbonarius

Status: Vulnerable (IUCN)


 Omnivorous, consuming a wide variety of plants (mostly fruit) and invertebrates

Longevity in the wild:
50 - 60 years

Size: 30 - 40 cm in length

Weight: Average adults weigh 10 kilograms

Group Name: Creep (but these tortoises are solitary, so you would rarely see them in a group)

Fun Fact: These tortoises are typically inactive for up to 50% of the day. After a big meal they can spend several days in a row at rest!

You can find the Zoo's Red-Footed Tortoises in tropical Toucan Ridge along with a variety of tropical plants and animals from South and Central America.

red-footed tortoise