Brazilian Giant Cockroach

Taxonomic Name: Blaberus giganteus

Type: Insect

 They are omnivorous scavengers that eat a variety of decaying matter. This includes rotting wood, fruit, seeds, as well as dead insects and other animals.

Longevity in the wild:
Up to 20 months

Size: Females can grow up to 10 cm, and males up to 7.5 cm

Group Name: Intrusion

Fun Fact: The Brazilian giant cockroach is one of the largest cockroaches in the world! Cockroaches are very important members of their ecosystems as major decomposers of plant and animal matter.

You can see real live Brazilian giant cockroaches in the Kinsmen Discovery Centre at the Zoo. Don't forget to check out the Madagascar hissing cockroach and other giant animatronic insects in the seasonal Xtreme BUGS exhibit presented by Artis REIT!

Brazilian Giant Cockroach